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Airport expansion is:
a climate change crisis
a refugee crisis

a racist crisis
a local democracy crisis
an air pollution crisis

We’re looking for 100 people to make this a powerful and effective act of mass civil disobedience to say that airport expansion is a red line for the climate, and we will only do this if 100 people commit. Over 50 people are already committed – don’t miss this opportunity to take a stand! Pledge to be part of the action: check out the legal advice below, and if you want to join us in defending people and planet then click here:


Airport Expansion is a #RedLine for the Climate

The UK government’s proposed aviation expansion plans for a third runway at Heathrow airport and elsewhere are a climate change nightmare. They breach our own climate change laws and will make us fail in the international obligations we’ve just committed to in Paris at COP21. This isn’t an abstract issue. It will cause catastrophic damage to the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world, and lead to:

  • 15 million climate refugees in Bangladesh alone by 2050 as the result of flooding, with estimates of 200 million climate change refugees worldwide (
  • The additional deaths of 250 000 people per year, from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea and heat stress (World Heath Organisation)
  • In London aviation expansion will treble deaths from air pollution and lead to the destruction of local communities and family homes.

Not only are the consequences of airport aviation unjust, but it is the demand of only a wealthy few who are driving this expansion. 70% of all UK flights taken by just 15% of the population – this expansion is not caused by those who travel once a year on holiday.

Lives are at stake and integrity demands that we face the upcoming climate catastrophe, and take peaceful non-violent action to avert it. We are calling for civil disobedience. We are calling for resistance.



On the 19th of November join us to demand that the environmental, social, racial, and democratic injustice of the airport expansion does not go forward. Over 100 people will take part in an act of disruptive civil disobedience on behalf of people and planet, risking arrest to make clear that people are now prepared to make serious sacrifices to bring the climate emergency to the Government’s attention. Another group will put on a non-arrestable protest action, such as a die in, a critical mass bike action, or a “funeral for the third runway” with protesters wearing black , and observing silence at different parts of the airport. Keep in touch as plans for this develop.

Spread the word! We are not resigned, we are not silent, we are standing up. More organisers are always deeply welcome. We will share our chocolate with you. Get in touch by sending us a message on facebook and we’ll get back to you right away.

System Change Not Climate Change!


Legal Advice:

  • There are three different levels of commitment: 1) Blockade! Get arrested! We only take action if 100 people commit to taking an arrestable action. 2) many options for creative protest, solidarity, outreach, well-being or logistical support: unlikely to get arrested, 3) communications blockade – risk unknown.
  • in 1) maximum sentences are for two offences with fines totalling £3500 and 3 months in prison. Bear in mind that max sentences are very rarely given – in recent protests which have been much more disruptive to London’s airports, activists have been given a conditional discharge, and/or suspended sentences and community service, and ordered to pay a £200 fine and/or share prosecution costs. There is also a possibility that the airport operators could sue for lost profits but so far this has not happened either. Arrestees should expect to spend up to 24 hours in police custody before being bailed, and will probably be asked to appear in court. If you’re not a citizen of the UK the repercussions might be more severe, please seek legal advice specific to your circumstances.
  • Even before action day, as soon as you pledge to do option 1) you may be liable for a conspiracy charge. In practice this is extremely rare, but it is possible. Although a lot of care has been put into making our pledging platform secure, nothing digital is completely safe and individuals’ computers can be compromised. Your email address may be stored on our offshore server as well as on organiser’s personal computers, and in their personal email accounts if they communicate with you. 


To whet your appetite for change, here’s some footage of recent direct actions by Reclaim the Power, Plane Stupid and Black Lives Matter demanding climate justice in the aviation industry: